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When Faye Bailey founded All Dolled Up (ADU) in 1985, she was making a move of faith with a simple mission: provide clients with a personal touch as she “dolled them up.” She was a married mother of two, fresh off a job in corporate America and pregnant with the dream of being a cosmetologist. Once realized, the dream took off.

After 32 years and tens of thousands of clients later, ADU has grown into four salons and the Hair in the Spirit/ADU School of Cosmetology, which gives scholarships, provides training and creates jobs. All Dolled Up’s journey has seen the the beautiful, the bold and the difficult – all that comes with growing a global brand. Our family has expanded through a network of amazing clients – from the fly supermom to the glitzy, home-girl celebrity – who’ve been loyal and loving for more than three decades. And the planting of each one of our salons throughout Central and South Florida has presented a set of phenomenal experiences filled with style, passion, imagination, perseverance and extraordinary hair artists. The anchor of ADU has always been an extraordinary team of diverse hairstylists, talented in precise cutting, complex coloring and overall hair health. We move as a family, working as one to make our clients feel gorgeous and confident, brilliantly moving with a head full of spirited strands.

Like most girls, Faye Bailey enjoyed styling hair. By the time the Macon, GA native reached the age of 14, however, she took her childhood pastime more seriously. “I was braiding and pressing hair and I knew that I wanted to eventually open a salon,” she says. Convincing her mother, a teacher who had 11 other children who were college graduates, however, was a battle. Five years later, her mother won. Bailey enrolled in Mercer University’s Stetson School of Business and Economics studying Business Administration. Nevertheless, the call to do hair was too loud. After her second year at college, Bailey relocated to Florida, studied at Wilfred Beauty and got married. Then she had two children and worked for Southern Bell for five years before opening her first salon, All Dolled Up and getting her Bachelors of Cosmetology from Dudley’s University in North Carolina.

Thirty years later, she is the owner of multiple multicultural salons in the central and south Florida area. Faye Bailey  is a sought-after stylist and colorist who has produced noteworthy hair shows in the Florida region area for the past 15 years. Her shows provide a showcase for local stylists to display there creations while raising money for the community’s social causes.


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Christopher is the Principal Visionary of Christopher Marcs Designs, an event planning and design firm. Christopher is a versatile creative professional, with experience spanning a number of industries, from education to the Arts.


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Samaria is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. A graduate of Florida A&M University, Samaria has written for several publications and organizations. In her personal time, she researches and collects artifacts of Black history and culture.

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Calvin Moore II is an advocate for artists and sprouting entrepreneurs through “Opinion of Value” modeled consultancy. You can find him journaling, baking and restaurant hopping as his 2020 Sabbatical Year takes form in Middle Georgia.